Sunday, June 12, 2011

Now I have my happily ever after!

I was dreaming of my wedding since about the age of 4. My Barbies would get married. I would get married when playing house with my dolls. I spent years and years and years of thinking what in the world it would be like to get married. Then, on March 20, 2010, my soul mate asked me to marry him. I could finally start my wedding journey. We decided on May 21, 2011. I had always wanted to get married in the spring. The planning really started in Jan 2011. Everything started to fall into place. It was all meant to be. So many things happened just perfectly. This was mostly thanks in part to my wonderful, fantastic family. I am one lucky girl.

The months started flying by. Phone call after phone call to my wonderful granny who kept up a pace that kept this 26 year old struggling. :) We planned, we shopped. I have always been close to my grandma but now I feel we have an even better bond. Johnny was wonderful too! (and he is good at wedding planning!)

Billy and I were so excited and would spend lots of time talking about what it would be like. We had wedding showers. Spent nights talking with friends. We received lots of advice and well wished from so many people. Most of them are more than friends - they are family to me. My Jonesboro Regions family especially. They all have a special place with Billy and I.

Then we counted in weeks. Then in days. Finally May 20 was here. I picked up the cake and headed to Brinkley. We had the rehearsal dinner. It was exactly what I had always wanted. We had Craig's BBQ. Something simple from my childhood that I wanted to share with all my friends there. We all talked, laughed, giggled...for a minute I felt like I was 4 again- sitting with my friends and my cousin Melissa, playing Barbies. I kissed Billy goodbye and said I would see him at the alter.
Abby, Sarah, Matt & me stayed up snacking and talking. Surprisingly I got some good sleep. Had my last sleepover with Abby before we are married women :)

The wedding day -
I woke up early. I was calm. I was excited. I just knew that I wanted to see Billy. So we got ready, took pictures, talked. Then it was time. It started RUSHING by - very fast at this point. I stood with my Uncle, waiting to go into the chapel. I will never forget that special time with him.
Then the music started. The wedding march! I always wondered what it would be like to walk down the aisle to that - and I was! Honestly the only thing I was thinking was - Billy! And I kept saying over and over, is this really happening? It was gorgeous in the chapel. My grandpa married us- another dream come true. It was so great to hold Billy's hand up there. He was so handsome in his dress blues. Man I love him! The reception seemed to last 5 seconds. We were able to drive away in my grandpa's truck! His restored Red International Harvester - named Ole White. I always loved that truck. I loved the connection I had to it. I even had tin cans tied behind the back- I always wanted that!
Thank you to everyone that played a part in our wedding. A special thanks to our families. Everyone there helped play a part to help get Billy and I to that point.
Now I have my happily ever after :)
I know what its like to have MY wedding...the  wedding of my dreams.
 I put to rest the hopeful, giddy, I can't wait to get married girl.
 Now I am free to live my fairytale.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Its almost here!

11 days! 11 days! I am close to single digits. We are so excited. I am running around trying to get everything done. The big things are taken care of. However, the little things are proving to drive me crazy! Any advice??
On a GREAT note - I-40 Eastbound opened up. I was scared of rain - didn't dream that flooding would be my problem! ha Guess you can't prepare for everything. I guess it makes the story more interesting.
I can't believe what a road that we have had to get to this point. We have dealt with deployments, adjusting to being around each other again, family, school, work, friends and moving to a new town. It hasn't always been easy but I can say that we have had fun. We have laughed, cried and yelled....but we have done it together!! I can't wait to marry my best friend. Sometimes I feel like I should pinch myself - that I am dreaming. How did I get so lucky.
I have also found myself asking - wow - who would have thought I had so many great friends and people willing to go all out for us?! We are so blessed. One of the reasons that I want everyone to know that I want you there - yeah YOU - is that everyone that has ever known us has helped us to become who we are....  separately and together. Everyone has had an impression and I want everyone to see some of the results ;)
Have a good night friends - more to come later!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Late night thoughts...

I said that when I started this blog - I would try to write my every thought no matter good/bad/boring. Tonight I have so much on my mind. Everyone knows I am planning a wedding. Everyone knows that I am so happy and crazy in love with my best friend, Billy. No one knows the thoughts behind the smiles that I am giving. I am going to be walking down an aisle without my dad to walk me. I told him when I was little to stop smoking so he could walk me down the aisle at my wedding. He stopped...but he still isn't here. He gave that up to be with us longer and he is still gone. I pray everyday and talk to him but it what I wouldn't give to have him just one more day.
I won't have my mom there. My sister won't be there. Some of family will be missing. I won't get into the details. Even when someone hurts you, as deep as I have been hurt, it is still not the picture that I ever dreamt of. Why is life so hard and difficult? Why do you search for approval from someone knowing that you will never receive it?
Aside from that - me and Billy are trying to decide which path to begin taking together after May. Some choices will lead us far from home. Some will be risky but heartfelt. Some are safer than others. But do you only pick what is safe?
I am don't want to overshadow all that is good in my life with these thoughts. I am such a lucky girl. While I may not have some of my family - the other family in my life is amazing. They are unbending in their love. I am proud of where I have come from. I was the product of all of those in my life. I wasn't raised by two parents. I have many other mothers & sisters that have taken me under their wings. I am who I am because of all the influences that have been around me.
I guess I have a lot that I have been reflecting on tonight. We went to Jonesboro for my first wedding shower. It was hosted by my Matron of Honor - Sarah Davis. All of my Jonesboro Regions family was there. I miss them so much. It was so great to see them all. So great. Jonesboro was the town that led me into adulthood. It was all mine. My decision to move and get a degree there. I made friends there. I had the time of my life there. Hard to leave it behind. It was great to go back. We had alot of fun.
I should go to bed - these are my thoughts. I am going to hit publish before I chicken out! Thanks for those of you that read my boring thoughts :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Did I forget again!?

I think I keep forgetting that I have a blog.
Ok, so before I forget -- if you want a sneak peek at the dress--
It is a Maggie Sottero gown. She names them all and mine is named Valerie. I would put the link here....but not taking any chances for Billy to see the dress. Who knew I would get to wear a designer wedding gown?! Yay for Lows! My shoes even have a name - they are named Sharmaine. ha - kinda fun :)
I don't have much to blog about but they say to write it down anyways. Since I only have 3 followers - I think its ok. hee hee
So I always seem to blog about food. I can't help it. The other night we had the best dinner! So simple. We had chicken on the George Foreman. My seasoning of choice is Kick'n Chick'n. I highly recommend it. We had a tortellini salad and rolls. Then I made chocolate chip cookies and Billy made Lemon Meltaways. His cookies were WAYYYY better than mine. Way to go Billy! He loved baking. I am such a lucky gal...he lets me be the main cook but if I ever don't feel like worry. He can cook and bake!
Well - I can't keep blogging. Its just too pretty outside!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Dress!

I found the dress!! I purchased it from Low's in Brinkley! Its gorgeous. Sorry - no description. You will just have to come to the wedding and see for yourself! :)
Billy had to work this weekend :( So I went to Brinkley and stayed with my grandparents. It was so much fun. We got to talk wedding ALL weekend. ha ha I am so excited, its going to be beautiful.

I hope that everyone had a great weekend. I am going to curl up and watch Army Wives! :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Wow...has it really been almost a month since I posted last?? Shame on me. I looked and decided it was now or never. where to start?
Wedding update: The invitations are ready - I just have to go pick them up. We have picked up Billy's wedding band!  It looks so good. We have a cake tasting appointment. I am still lagging on the dress...I know I know...I just need someone to add me a few extra weekends in!
Valentines day: We went to Little Rock on Saturday before Vday and we went to Loca Luna to eat! Yum!
Then...I got hit with the worst head cold stuff ever. So I have been sick the past week. Blah....
But...the snow! Oh the snow... We had so much fun! We had a snow ball fight at 10:00 at night with Melissa and Tyler. We made a snow dragon/crocodile/unicorn....yeah...
I WISH I had pics of that. Well here are a few that I do have :) Enjoy and I will try to post more often!  :)
Before being turned into snow cream!

Starting to look good!!

Yum...Billy loves it!

The house!

I made Sugar cookies...

with chocolate icing!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wedding Planning

Whew....I should not have started a blog and started wedding planning at the same time. On the other hand I think it is therapeutic to get all my frustrations out. I have to is alot of fun! I keep thinking - Enjoy this because there is only one time on your life that you get to do this! So far we went and created our first registry! The scan gun is AWESOME! I never knew that scanning a little bar code and hearing that beep would be so fulfilling. Maybe I should just get me one of those. ;) Billy helped me pick everything out. He is great with wanting to be involved. I think I am starting out pretty good. He picked out a few things and even if I wouldn't have picked it- I let him scan it anyway. Its only stuff and seeing his satisfaction of knowing he picked out our future drinking glasses was priceless. :)
We are going this weekend to do one more registry and then pick out Billy's wedding band! I can not wait! I also need to schedule an appointment to look at wedding dresses. So fun!
So any tips from you gals out there? or guys?